Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Writing Habits

(My guest today is Marilyn Meredith aka F. M. Meredith who is going to share with us some thoughts on writing and a bit about her latest mystery, Tangled Webs.)

It’s always interesting to learn how different writers write, if and how they schedule their writing time, where they like to write, music they like to listen to, what they drink while writing.

One of my favorite writers does the majority of his writing in a diner, others I know head to the local coffee shop, or the library. For me, having to go someplace to write would not work—plus, I know I’d be distracted in a public place. Watching people is too much fun.

Mainly I write at my desktop computer in my office in my home. No photo, it’s generally on the messy side. Because I have a big family, big and little people drop in unannounced. I have no problem at all getting back to work after they leave.

Some writers I know set aside a particular number of hours a day to write, much like working at a regular job. Others write at night after all is quiet. I prefer writing in the early morning hours while most in the house are still in bed—but I keep on going until I know I’m done for the day. However, there are times when the muse strikes me at odd hours and I’ll return to the computer.
And no, I don’t write every day—some days I’m busy with other business connected with writing, or just life.

I tried using music to set the mood for whatever I was writing, but gave it up. It was far too distracting. However, I always begin my day and the writing process with a cup of Chai latte.

One last little tidbit, I know some writers stay in their PJs all day. Not me, I get dressed first thing after I rise. Remember, I wrote that people drop in unannounced? I’ve had family arrive before 6 a.m. for one reason or another.

So, you other writers out there, what are your writing habits?

writes the Rocky Bluff PD series as F. M. Meredith

Blurb: Too many people are telling lies: The husband of the murder victim and his secretary, the victim’s boss and co-workers in the day care center, her stalker, and Detective Milligan’s daughter.

Bio: F. M. Meredith who is also known as Marilyn once lived in a beach town much like Rocky Bluff. She has many friends and relatives in law enforcement. She’s a member of MWA, 3 chapters of Sisters in Crime and serves on the PSWA Board.

Facebook: Marilyn Meredith
Twitter: @marilynmeredith

Tomorrow I’m heading to Thonie Hevron’s blog: https;//Thonie hevron.wordpress.com/ and letting everyone know what I’m thankful for as a writer.