Saturday, June 6, 2009

Am I On A Winning Streak?

While attending an art auction in March I won a drawing for an original print by French/Brazilian artist Linda Le Kinff. I like her lush, colorful work and was pleased but took the win as a once and done pleasant experience.

Then, in May, I was informed I'd won a copy of Dianne Ascroft's novel "Hitler and Mars Bars" in another drawing. The following week came an email from publisher Tony Burton notifying me I've won a drawing for admission to the Killer Nashville writers' conference in August.

Two days later I received a $20 gift certificate for Amazon as a winner in The Keeper Game, which is being used to promote my friend Natasha Mostert's new novel, "Keeper of Light and Dust," and I'm still in the running for the grand prize, choice of a Kindle or a pair of boxing gloves.

By this time I'm thinking maybe I should invest in a lottery ticket and see if I can win enough to support my writing and travel without economic concern.

By the way, if you want to try your luck at The Keeper Game, here's the link:

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