Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting The Word Out

Most people have an emotional reaction when confronted with the news of the latest disaster. We feel compassion for the victims. Some might be moved to contribute a dollar or two to help in the recovery. A few even rush to the scene to provide hands-on assistance.

Too often that altruistic reaction fades in a day or two as the event is superseded by other demands on our attention.

Thriller writer Tim Hallinan came up with a means for people who like to read to help victims in northeastern Japan recover from one of the most devastating tragedies in modern times.

Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty novels and other thrillers, wrote a Japan-themed story and got 19 of his friends to do the same. The stories have been assembled into an anthology, “Shaken: Stories for Japan,” now available as an e-book on Amazon for $3.99.

In addition to Tim’s, the book includes stories by Brett Battles, Cara Black, Vicki Doudera, Dianne Emley, Dale Furutani, Stefan Hammond, Rosemary Harris, Naomi Hirahara, Wendy Hornsby, Ken Kuhlken, Debbi Mack, Adrian McKinty, I.J. Parker, Gary Phillips, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Jeffrey Siger, Kelli Stanley, C.J. West, Jeri Westerson.

Everyone involved in the project donated their time and talent. All proceeds from sales of the book will go directly to the 2011 Japan Relief Fund. Amazon also announced it will donate its share, too.

Want to help? Here’s your chance:

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