Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some Recommended Reads

Health concerns prevented my usual practice of recommending in January some of the books I enjoyed in the past year. To make up for that omission, I’d like to suggest some reads by friends and by a few writers I don’t know I think worthy of your time.

The prolific Wayne D. Dundee added several titles to his Western bibliography in 2015. If you like the genre, you’re in for a treat with any of them. His Joe Hannibal mysteries aren’t to be missed either:

Liz Zelvin brought out Journey of Strangers, the second in her Diego Mendoza triology. I’m already looking forward to the third novel. You might want to check out her Bruce Kohler mysteries, too.

Doug Quinn added Egret’s Cove to his fine Webb Sawyer mystery series:
A satisfying mystery with a well developed cast of characters, plenty of twists and turns and an entertaining storyline.

I don’t know Tim Bouman, but his literate debut mystery Dry Bones in the Valley, set in northeastern Pennsylvania, blew me away. Looking forward to reading more of his work:

Not a new release, but definitely worthy of mention is my friend Frank Stewart’s River Rising: A Cherokee Oddysey. Sadly, Frank is in the grip of a devastating disease, preventing his completion of the sequel to this historical novel:

Jim Callan offers Over My Dead Body, second in his delightful Father Frank mystery series. An unexpected legacy puts the parish priest at odds with his church superior and, worse, a killer.

Then there’s The Count of the Sahara by Wayne Turmel, An entertaining fictional account of a phase in the life of an actual Philadelphia born amateur archaeologist who might have been the model for the tomb-raider Indiana Jones.

Finally, another by an author I don’t know personally: Donald Smith’s The Constable’s Tale, rich with historical detail, surprising twists and a satisfying conclusion.

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